Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? Episode 9 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Entrance Ceremony Hullabaloo
Episode Description:
Haruto-C informs Haruto they must pass an exam before the entrance ceremony, so Haruto plans to fail and be expelled but when ancient magic researcher Doctor Luseiannel measures his magic it explodes the crystal sensor. She correctly deduces Haruto has so much magic the crystal couldn’t handle it, approves his acceptance and appoints herself his advisor, but he refuses, believing she is mocking his low magic level. As Haruto-C has no magic Haruto gives him a shield barrier and magic pistol. Haruto-C encounters Irisphilia and student vice-president Schneider who tries to bully them both. Haruto-C’s barrier protects him and his pistol injures Schneider. Haruto-C is so stressed Haruto replaces him and is immediately challenged to a duel by Schneider. That night via his security barriers he watches Irisphilia apologise to Schneider who agrees to cancel the duel if she dances naked, so she strips. Exasperated, Haruto saves her as Still Pending and yells at her for being such a naïve airhead. He also places a barrier on Schneider’s bullet wound as punishment, warning it will tighten and cause pain if he uses magic or tries to remove the barrier and will last until he atones for his dishonourable behaviour. Schneider swears revenge on Still Pending.

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