Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
A New Encounter
Episode Description:
Laius hopes to rematch Haruto. Marianne now holds a crush on Haruto. Cultists of the Lucifyra Church are spreading their aims to overthrow the monarchy. Laius has become scared of Gizelotte as he believes she is using the cult to get rid of Jilq permanently. Marianne hopes Haruto can do something while Laius prefers to seek out the black knight. Gizelotte overhears, attacks Marianne and orders Laius to become Haruto’s friend to discover Black Knight’s identity. Laius feels guilty he might have unintentionally put Haruto in danger. At the capital Haruto saves travellers from a monster as black knight, attracting the attention of one of them, a red eyed woman named Irisphilia who gives Liza a strange feeling. Haruto registers with his fellow students, who he doesn’t fit in with at all, then teleports back to his mountain cabin to recover. Unfortunately Char insists they go right back to the city to try a restaurant. They encounter Irisphilia who almost recognises Haruto as Still Pending from the feel of his magic power. Haruto feels she is mocking him as he still believes his magic level is 02. After she leaves Char also claims Irisphilia felt strange.

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