Lance N' Masques Episode 4 English Subbed


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After it was decided that Makio would remain in Japan, her father Akira sent her to Shinra Academy to take elementary school classes, with Yōtarō, Alice and Yuhua taking high school classes to keep an eye on her. He converses with a student in his class that he saved from before, Sae Igarashi, who despises Knight Lancer and his valiant efforts she deems as perverted. Yōtarō also comes across Sylvia Marlowe, his senior knight who takes him and Sae to an abandoned building where Makio and everyone else use as space for the Knight Club created by Nori Hizuki, a third-year student who taught Makio the concept of heroes. Yuyan, wanting revenge for what happened to Gai, comes across Yufeng, a girl formally part of the Ban organization and tells her about how Knight Lancer is responsible for their organization's demise. Yōtarō senses danger on his way home to school and dons the Knight Lancer persona to rescue Yufeng being harassed by members of Ban. After taking them down, he's in shock when she hugs him and calls him her father.

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