Lance N' Masques Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
From Now On, We're Family.
Episode Description:
Sylvia explains to Yōtarō that Yufeng was the reason she's in Japan and the person she's looking for. He asks to assist in the search and Sylvia accepts as she goes off to find her. Back at the Kidōin mansion, Yōtarō receives a call from Yuyan using Sae's cellphone, and tells him that he's kidnap her. He arrives at the meeting place and asks Yuyan to let her go. After shooting at him, Yufeng destroys Yuyan's guns and chases after him, with Yōtarō following suit after freeing Sae from her restraints. Sylvia meets up with Yuyan and is stabbed in the thigh by Yufeng to protect him. After being told that her shifu was murdered by Yuyan, she attempts to kill him but instead punctures Yōtarō in the abdomen. Heartbroken by the action, Yufeng runs off and encounters Yoriko, resulting in a fight that sends her off a cliff. Yōtarō saves her and gets into a duel with Yoriko that ends in a stalemate. Makio comes across Yufeng and brings her to the mansion as her and Knight Lancer's daughter.

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