Maken-ki! Two Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Academy Harem.
Episode Description:
The school principal hears the disparaging remarks of some schoolgirls about herself and quits her job in anger. As a ploy, she purposely gives it to Kengo Usui in order to earn the appreciation of the female students. Kengo immediately start causing problems for the schoolgirls in Tenbi Academy, even appointing a male squad of officers including Takeru in order to enforce his tyrannic rule and personally visiting classrooms to enjoy the awkward situations his perverted policies put them in. Kengo even goes to the extent of changing the syllabus and creating new school events so as to abuse his power. Discontent at being forced to obey Kengo's orders motivates the girls to stage a revolution and remove him by force. When Kodama has a strip rock-paper-scissors contest over the position of principal, she wins and Kengo immediately removes his underwear as the episode ends, to the horror of the crowd.

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