Maken-ki! Two Episode 9 English Subbed


Episode Title:
You Are More Manly Than Roses.
Episode Description:
The president of the student council committee, Furan, falls in love with a person who helped her in the park, but the person is actually Azuki. As a girl, Azuki is forced by Yuka and the rest of Maken-ki to cross-dress as "Kazuki" and date Furan. The other Maken-ki members help prepare her in the hope to cure Furan's gynophobia so that her first love is not the last one. When "Kazuki" goes on a date with Furan, they go by train & visit a cafe, an arcade & a wedding suite. Furan enjoys the date unlike Azuki. The next day, Azuki wants to confess to being the real identity of Furans crush on Kazuki in front of the school but is interrupted by the hooligans who attacked her and have now teamed up with a Maken user. Though Azuki is unable to defeat them, Furan saves her after her binding is broken, realising that "Kazuki" was Azuki all along. The Maken-ki members apologize and Furan returns to her normal self.

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