Management of a Novice Alchemist Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Let's Go to the Lake!
Episode Description:
With Sarasa’s help more hunter/gatherers come to find employment at the village. A rare ingredient is discovered in a nearby lake, Marsen Clams. Sarasa is uninterested since only female clams are valuable and only experts can tell males from females, so harvesting them is rarely profitable. However Sarasa is convinced when Lorea reveals the clams are also edible. Along the way Sarasa befriends a baby flying-fox monster. While Iris and Kate harvest clams Sarasa begins teaching Lorea to swim. They are suddenly attacked by a Ligarex, a giant eel monster whose slime makes it invulnerable to weapons and uses paralysing electrical magic. The flying-fox accidentally breaks Sarasa’s alchemist necklace made for her by Ophelia, causing her magic to create an out of control typhoon that kills the Ligarex. Sarasa reveals to everyone she has an exceptionally high level of magic that is hard to control, so Ophelia made the necklace to make it easier for her. Luckily the typhoon also pulled most of the unharvested clams from the lake, so Sarasa collects the valuable females while Lorea uses the males to make clam chowder and barbecued Ligarex meat while the flying-fox returns to its mother.

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