Management of a Novice Alchemist Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
My Artifact Broke!
Episode Description:
Sarasa decides to teleport a letter to Ophelia asking for materials to repair her necklace. Sarasa reminisces on applying to work at Ophelia’s store when she was still a young alchemy student. Ophelia was impressed with her knowledge but recognised Sarasa had an overwhelming amount of magic she was incapable of controlling. Ophelia crafted the necklace to limit Sarasa’s power and decided to take her as an apprentice. In the present Sarasa prepares to teleport the letter but Iris slips and almost falls into the teleportation circle. Sarasa saves her but drops her necklace which accidentally teleports to Ophelia as well. Without her necklace restraining her power the circle is destroyed. Over several days Sarasa attempts to train her power without the necklace but struggles, worrying her friends. Ophelia reminisces that she never wanted an apprentice, until her friend/secretary Maria convinced her she needed Sarasa as much as Sarasa needed her. With the circle broken Ophelia decides to return the necklace herself. After three days Sarasa is worried she may never work as an alchemist again, until Ophelia finally arrives and repairs the necklace and the circle. She worries Sarasa is pushing herself too much but is reassured seeing she runs a fine shop with excellent friends and returns to the city confident Sarasa is doing fine.

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