Management of a Novice Alchemist Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
A Business Rival Appeared!
Episode Description:
A new merchant begins buying Frost-bat fangs, offering more money for them than Sarasa, deliberately undermining her business. Andre is suspicious as the merchant employs bandits. Lorea is upset as her grandparents were killed by bandits, just like Sarasa’s parents. Sarasa temporarily increases how much she pays to buy teeth then has Iris resell those teeth to the merchant who quickly begins to run out of money. Sarasa deduces the merchant sells his teeth in South Straug and learns from Leonora that the merchant, Gree Dilly, owns an alchemy company and specialises in forcing alchemists to work for him by putting their shops out of business, like he is trying to do to Sarasa. Sarasa continues outwitting Gree, costing him so much money he borrows money from criminals to keep his own company open. Sarasa is attacked by Gree’s bandits but defeats them. Gree is forced to sell his huge supply of teeth to Sarasa for a pittance, but cannot repay his debts to the criminals, leaving his fate uncertain. Sarasa sells all the teeth to Ophelia and uses the money to pay the debts of Gree’s alchemists, freeing them to reopen their own shops and become useful business contacts should Sarasa require help in the future.

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