Mayo Chiki! Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Don't Stare at Me Like That.
Episode Description:
Kinjirō finally begins a cheerful morning with the start of Golden Week, since Kureha has gone to "handcrafting club" camp for three days. However, to his surprise, Subaru, who is dressed up with cat ears and tail, needs a place to stay and act as his butler, because Kanade's father kicked her out of the mansion for the time being. Since Subaru does not want Kinjirō to lay around early in the morning, the two train inside the gym to pass the time. Kinjirō decides to take a bath alone, but Subaru insists on joining him to wash his back. This moment is interrupted when Kureha returns home early from camp due to breaking her arm after she fought a bear, causing a brief misunderstanding when she sees Subaru's undergarments in the wash basket. Kanade arrives as well, deciding to live with Kinjirō and act as his maid, resulting in a brief competition between Subaru and Kanade to determine who is the better servant, but Kinjirō suddenly passes out from a cold. After Subaru attempts to treat him with several questionable cures, Kanade finally explains the situation by taking him to the beach, where it is revealed that Nagare was also kicked out of the mansion due to an ongoing fight with Subaru following the events at the unfinished building. Subaru declines to return to the mansion because she wants to take care of Kinjirō, fearful that she might lose him from an illness just like her late mother. Though lightheaded from his cold, Kinjirō convinces Subaru to make amends with Nagare and return to the mansion together. At the end of Golden Week, Subaru thanks Kinjirō in embarrassment before leaving, in which Kanade notes that this is the first time that Subaru has thanked anyone other than her. Since Kanade states that Kinjirō does not seem like such a chicken anymore, she proceeds to kiss him, the first kiss she will always remember.

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