Mayo Chiki! Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Go Out With Me.
Episode Description:
On the way to school, Kinjirō gets run over by a girl on a scooter, soon noticing that she attends his high school. When he sees that his glasses are caught in her thigh boots, she takes things the wrong way when he asks if he could reach in there, causing her to attack him in response. After Kinjirō retrieves his glasses, the girl introduces herself as Masamune Usami, an acquaintance of Kureha in the handcrafting club, before knocking him out. Kinjirō suddenly wakes up in the infirmary, where Subaru reveals that she found him passed out in the middle of the street and brought him to school. Subaru eventually requests Kinjirō to accompany her to the upcoming school festival. When Kinjirō starts talking about his first kiss and wanting to redo it somehow, Subaru discreetly misconstrues this had to do with her giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while he was unconscious during the swimming pool incident. Kanade interrupts their moment, suggesting to them the theme of a "cross-dressing cosplay cat cafe" for the school festival. Kinjirō later runs into Masamune on the school roof, who reveals that she is actually a member of the S4, but she demands him to be her boyfriend for the school festival, showing evidence regarding the mock date Kinjirō had with Subaru at the arcade as blackmail, in order to undermine the Observational Committee. Subaru, who soon overhears all of this, punches him in the stomach and leaves off in tears. Kinjirō later walks with Masamune to the mall to buy her a swimsuit, though it is quite embarrassing for Kinjirō. They then befriend each other before parting ways to their homes. As the preparations for the school festival are underway the next day, Nakuru is shown spying on Subaru.

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