NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 11 English Subbed


Episode Title:
head[Y] battle
Episode Description:
As Resistance and YoRHa forces all over the region are being attacked, 2B reaches the Resistance camp and links up with the survivors. At the Bunker, the Commander petitions the use of YoRHa's satellite laser cannons to assist in the battle, but she is blocked by the Council of Humanity who state that intervening in the battle does not align with their goals of attaining God through "Process 11". With assistance from 2B and a newly arrived 9S, the Resistance is able to stop the Machine army with the use of a wide area EMP. However, the Machines are then absorbed by a berserk Adam to create a massive Machine monster. With help from Pascal, 9S is able to hack into Adam's mind and lure him into a trap, though also witnesses Adam's grief of Eve's death. In the real world, the Resistance springs their trap, destroying Adam with a giant missile. However, Adam survives and moves to attack everybody before being truly destroyed by a massive laser beam.

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