NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
flowers for m[A]chines
Episode Description:
The Commander disobeys orders and uses the Bunker's satellite laser cannon to destroy Adam. However, the Pods still detect Adam's signal in the impact crater, so 2B and 9S head down to finish him off. When they find Adam, he is already mortally wounded and 2B and 9S finish him off. Adam accepts his death, seeing it as a way to reunite with Eve. With Adam dead, the Machines in the area shut down, ending their onslaught. Unfortunately, 9S is infected with a logic virus due to hacking Adam, and 2B is forced to mercy kill him and breaks down over his death. However, 9S manages to save himself by transferring his consciousness to a nearby Machine. In a post credit scene, during his time getting repaired at the Bunker, 9S connects with the Bunker's server. Sensing an anomaly, 9S prevents himself and 2B's data from synching with the Bunker server. As he investigates, he accidentally triggers the server's defense system and he encounters twin girls wearing red dresses, who claim they are observing the androids and help 9S discover truth about Project YoRHa. He learns that Humanity has long been extinct, and that Project YoRHa was created to raise android morale by fooling them into believing humans are still living on the Moon. 9S then wakes up and responds to 2B's request for backup as he is secretly observed by the girl in the red dress.

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