NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 3 English Subbed


Episode Title:
break ti[M]e
Episode Description:
2B and 9S are guided to the Resistance Camp, where Lily reveals she is the overall leader of the Resistance. At the Bunker, it is revealed that 2B and 9S weren't sent to Earth to assist the Resistance, but to investigate mysterious behavior by the Machines, and YoRHa intends to use the Resistance as sacrificial pawns. Back on Earth, 2B and 9S mean another Resistance fighter, Jackass, who tells them about strangely behaving Machines in the nearby desert. 2B and 9S have Jackass guide them to the desert, where they are ambushed by a Machine patrol. 9S hacks one of the Machines and witnesses a vision of an ancient desert civilization that the Machines were copying. 2B destroys the Machines, and the group pursues another Machine that has decided to flee. Along the way, they discover the corpse of the YoRHa liaison, as well as a mysterious jamming signal. 2B and 9S trace the signal but accidentally fall into an underground chamber where they find a massive cocoon built out of Machine bodies. The cocoon then ejects a human-like Machine which the androids swiftly kill to stop it from evolving, but a second human-like Machine emerges from the corpse and attacks the pair, causing the chamber to collapse.

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