NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 4 English Subbed


Episode Title:
a mountain too [H]igh
Episode Description:
The Machines are shown gaining more intelligence as they increasingly mimic human behavior. At the Resistance camp, 2B and 9S debrief Lily and Jackass on the human-like Machines they encountered, which YoRHa has dubbed "Adam" and "Eve". Jackass muses on the possibility of making peace with the Machines, but 9S flatly rejects the idea. 2B and 9S are then ordered to scout a nearby amusement park to investigate the disappearance of an android soldier. To their surprise, they find the Machines there are not hostile, and advance into a theater. There, they encounter an advanced Machine called the Songstress which attacks them on sight. 9S attempts to hack the Songstress and manages to catch a glimpse of her memories, where she fell in love with another Machine, who ignored her, and became obsessed with making herself look beautiful, turning her into the monstrous machine she is now. 2B manages to expose the Songstress' core and destroy her. 9S coldly declares Machines can't feel emotions and then destroys a pair of nonviolent Machines, much to 2B's concern.

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