NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
aji wo [K]utta?
Episode Description:
The Commander tasks 2B and 9S to track down and eliminate A2 but won't tell them what caused her to betray YoRHa. They try to gain more information by questioning the Resistance members. Lily recognizes A2 as No. 2, but hides that fact from 2B and 9S, instead telling them she has no idea where A2 is. The pair then head for the coastal ruins to find Jackass. After a brief discussion on human behaviors often considered unnecessary, 2B finds a Lunar Tear flower and wears it on her chest at Operator 6O's suggestion. 2B and 9S then split up. 2B finds Jackass fishing and questions her. Jackass reveals she doesn't know anything about A2 other than she used to be No. 2, which 2B has already known. 2B attempts to contact 9S but is concerned when she discovers his signal is jammed. Meanwhile, 9S hacks into the Bunker's system to try and find more information on A2 but is forced to disconnect when his intrusion is discovered. He then pursues what he thinks is A2 until he ends up in a surreal space and is attacked by an unknown entity. Elsewhere, Eve searches for Adam but is shocked when he cannot detect him on the Machine network.

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