NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 9 English Subbed


Episode Title:
hun[G]ry for knowledge
Episode Description:
9S finds himself trapped in cyberspace by Adam, who proceeds to capture and torture him. 2B searches for 9S and finds coordinates leading to an underground installation. She requests support from the Bunker, but the Commander refuses to send any reinforcements. 2B continues on anyways and finds a Machine built replica of a human city. Inside, she finds Adam who has 9S prisoner. Adam reveals that the Machines had been evolving ever since they came to Earth and became fascinated with Humanity, to the point where they rebelled against and exterminated their alien masters centuries ago. He also claims Humanity has long been extinct already. In order to become closer to being human, Adam has severed his connection to the Machine network so he can experience human mortality and attacks 2B. 2B buys enough time for her and 9S' Pods to hack Adam, neutralizing his powers. Eve takes the killing blow from 2B meant for Adam, and 2B withdraws with 9S as the installation collapses and Eve dies in Adam's arms.

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