One Off Episode 1-2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
A Breeze on the Café Terrace / Haruno's Overture.
Episode Description:
Haruno Shiozaki is a girl who lives at a mountainside café and likes to ride on mopeds with her friends. The café soon hires a new waitress in the form of a lively Australian motorcyclist named Cynthia B. Rogers. As Haruno had always been a bit close minded about what she can and can't do, she becomes somewhat jealous of Cynthia's free way of life. As Cynthia starts to influence her friends, Haruno remains defiant about her own limitations. Having been told by Haruno's friends about how she used to be more optimistic, Cynthia decides to take Haruno on a nighttime ride to the beach, where she reminds her to strive and push her limits. As they finally reach the beach, Cynthia assures Haruno that it is okay to rely on others.

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