One Off Episode 3-4 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Poko-a-Poko / And the Start of Our Memories.
Episode Description:
As the café sets up a stargazing event, Cynthia warms up to the idea of Haruno performing in a concert, but Haruno lacks confidence, even after suggesting it to her friends. After Haruno converses a little with one of the stargazers, who turns out to be one of Cynthia's friends, Kageyama, Haruno's friends decide they should try out having a mini concert at the café, naming their unit 'Poko a Poko'. Later, Haruno learns that Cynthia will be soon be leaving for Australia. As Haruno mopes, Kageyama gives her a little encouragement. Haruno and the others then practice hard for their concert and give Cynthia a farewell performance. As Cynthia prepares to take her leave, Haruno makes a promise that she will some day come to see her.

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