Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 4 That's Amorte


Episode Title:
That's Amorte
Episode Description:
Rick serves the family some delicious spaghetti. Morty accidentally discovers that the spaghetti is sourced from a planet where people who commit suicide become spaghetti. Feeling guilty, Morty reveals the truth at a funeral. After this the planet's President legalizes suicide leading many willing to commit suicide to become spaghetti. At first it seems good, until Morty discovers spaghetti has become the planet's primary export, and the society channeling most people into suicide to be sold as spaghetti to other planets. Rick's attempts to fix things by sourcing the spaghetti from clones end disastrously, so he has one last terminally ill person commit suicide in a live broadcast and offers his spaghetti to Morty. During the broadcast he shows everyone the man's entire life, causing everyone to vomit at the horrors they are doing, turning the planet and its customers off spaghetti. Rick serves the family some delicious Salisbury steak, warning that its source is far, far more horrifying than that of the spaghetti, which the family laughs off as they are ok not knowing where it came from.

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