Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 5 Unmortricken


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The episode opens with showing Evil Morty's backstory; while his Rick was drunk, Evil Morty altered him to be his servant, leading into his actions throughout the series.[a] His retirement is interrupted by portals opening, caused by Rick and Morty searching for Rick Prime. Evil Morty confronts Rick and Morty, and all three are captured by Rick Prime, along with other Ricks whose wives were killed by him. After surviving a gladiator match with the other Ricks, they find Rick Prime and learn he built the "Omega Device", which can erase anyone from every universe, which he used to erase Rick's wife and demonstrates by erasing Slow Mobius. Evil Morty incapacitates Rick Prime, steals and deactivates the Omega Device, and allows Rick to beat Rick Prime to death. Once Rick and Morty return home, Rick feels like he's lost his purpose after finally killing Rick Prime, but quickly comes to enjoy spending time with his family.

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