Ronin Warriors OVA: Message Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Broken Confidence.
Episode Description:
Kento mentions to Sage that he is ready for a fight. Sage tells him that Rowen and Cye are missing, and that he could be next. Sage reads "The Legend of the Five Warriors" and wonders how the superstitions of a previous century could have such a large impact on their lives. He mentions that though becoming Ronin Warriors fulfilled their dreams, he was more than prepared to put down the sword for the rest of his life. He reflects that though the armors helped rescue the world from evil, he still feels guilt from the anguish that were indirectly caused by them. When thinking of the play, Sage speculates that it was likely written to warn future generations of the evil nature of their armors. Sage notices the play foretells of a child who will be sent forward from the past to show how them how to live as individuals. He believes that she was likely sent to fulfill their innermost wishes, and that a grudge may exist between the armors. Discovering a passage of the Inferno Armor destroying the others, Sage notices that this has not happened as of yet and wonders if it is their destiny. Realizing that something must have happened in the past, Sage comes to the conclusion that their time as Ronin Warriors is not done as of yet, and that another battle may be coming. The Armor of Halo then manifests in front of him and attempts to attack, but Sage does not defend himself. The armor stops its attack, to which Sage says the time of fighting force with force is finished, causing the armor to disappear. Sage mentions that he can see the path, to which Suzunagi looks on in surprise. Looking at the book once again, Sage notices a drawing of the building where Rowen had previously went to before he disappears and rushes towards it. Kento attempts to jump off a skyscraper but is stopped before he lands, to which he concludes that someone must be keeping them alive to summon the Inferno Armor. Suzunagi then attacks Kento with the Armor of Hardrock. She confirms that she wants to summon the Inferno Armor to guide it to its proper path, and for that reason she created new sets of armor. Kento tells Suzunagi that the Inferno Armor causes nothing but destruction, but Suzunagi already knows this, saying that darkness shrouds the Inferno Armor and the light is needed to free the world. The new Armor of Hardrock approaches Kento, and though he attempts to fight it, he causes no damage. A light then engulfs the area, showing a flashback of a young Suzunagi and her mother. Sage soon arrives and notices the new Armor of Hardrock, but upon seeing him Suzunagi retreats. The Armor of Hardrock attempts to follow her, but Kento jumps upon it, causing himself and the armor to disappear. Sage then asks if this is the beginning or the end.

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