Ronin Warriors OVA: Message Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Predestined Future.
Episode Description:
As Suzunagi looks upon the immobile Rowen, she mentions that he is the "first." Cye receives a dream of the armors as well as a distressed Rowen, who calls for help. Ryo, Sage, Cye and Kento reunite, and all mention that they had the same dream. Ryo opens a package from Rowen, which consist of a book of the Edo period called "The Legend of the Five Warriors." It is a stage play about the Ronin Warriors and their battle against Talpa, but this was written back in the 19th Century before it became reality. Rowen's package contains a letter stating that though the five have not seen each other as often since the armors disappeared, he believes they are being called again and will investigate. Ryo expresses disbelief that the play contains all of their battles, feeling as though they are puppets on a cardboard stage. Cye laments the idea that they are being drawn into battle again, wondering if this will define his life. He soon receives visions of dynasty soldiers attacking the city, but also of himself, wearing in the Armor of Torrent, being embraced and protected by Suzunagi. Cye rushes towards Suzunagi and asks what is going on, but Suzunagi tells him to stay away, and that it is her destiny to protect his future. A vision appears of Cye and his armor being auctioned, with the auctioneer stating that though Cye has lost his will to fight, he has still chosen the battlefield. Cye wonders why he made this decision, but Suzunagi tells him that it is due to his nature as a warrior. Suzunagi tells Cye that she can see all, and that she knows his future. She feels the need to protect him due to his virtue of kindness, as well as his decision to choose the armor. Cye says the armor will be a part of him forever, as well as fighting and violence. He asks Suzunagi why he needs to be protected, and she tells him that she must give up her life to protect his spirit, and to remain true to himself. Cye then receives a vision of Suzunagi being bound and captured, and attempts to rescue her. He asks Suzunagi if this is the future she foresaw, and refuses to let it happen by summoning his armor. A new Armor of Torrent appears, and a tear forms in its eye. Suzunagi then mentions that this is now "two."

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