Ronin Warriors OVA New Adventures Gaiden Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Once Again! Samurai Troopers!.
Episode Description:
Sage's Armor of Halo walks through the streets of New York City, where it is soon attacked by gang members. It subsequently kills all of them and the bystanders, while a mysterious figure congratulates it. Meanwhile in Japan, Kento, having won $3 million in a lottery, throws birthday party for Ryo. Ryo notices that Sage is missing from the party, and then notices a news broadcast of the killings caused by the Armor of Halo. Ryo decides to fly to New York the next day, but is subsequently joined on the plane by Cye and Kento, who were informed by Mia of what Ryo saw. Rowen, Mia and Ully arrive in New York first; Rowen decides to find the photographer who shot the picture of the Armor of Halo while Mia and Ully decide to look at the university that contacted Sage in to find his whereabouts. The airplane that carries Ryo, Cye and Kento is soon attacked by the mysterious figure, and they believe that they are being sent a message. Rowen finds that the photographer has been killed; as he pulls out the knife out of his chest, he is noticed by the photographer's sister, who believes Rowen killed him. As he meets with Mia and Ully at the Kento's uncle's restaurant, they say that the university had no record of ever reaching out to Sage, and deduce that Sage was lured away for a mysterious reason. As Ryo, Kento and Sage arrive, Rowen is attacked by the photographer's sister to avenger her brother, but is saved by Ryo. Ryo then has a dream that Sage is being manipulated by the mysterious figure, then wakes up to follow the hunch. Rowen and Kento then peruse the city, but find the Armor of Halo attacking bystanders. As they battle, they notice that Sage is not in the armor, which is acting on its own accord. Ryo and Cye arrive as the battle turns, but the mysterious figure reveals himself and introduces himself as Shikaisen. He tells them that he has Sage and will soon acquire the other armors. The Ronin Warriors are then attacked by the military and decide to split up. As Ryo and Rowen flee, they are met by the photographer's sister, who tells them they can tell her the story later, and tells them to follow her.

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