Ronin Warriors OVA New Adventures Gaiden Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Save Your Friend! Samurai Heart!.
Episode Description:
Ryo and Rowen follow the photographer's sister as they flee the police. Rowen recognizes her as the girl who tried to kill him earlier, but she said she previously believed they were murderers but no longer believes so. Mia and Ully are soon attacked in Kento's uncle's restaurant and are taken hostage. The photographer's sister lead Ryo and Rowen to safety underneath the water purification plant, and introduces herself as Runa. As Runa mourns the death of her brother, they are soon joined by Kento and Cye, who manage to find them. Meanwhile, Shikaisen meets with his henchmen in Los Angeles, where Mia and Ully are held. His scientist explains that they have been using a computer to use Sage's armor, while using a mind disruptor on Sage to get him to pilot the armor himself and unlock its full potential. They use the power to attack a parade of people in Little Tokyo. The remaining Ronin Warriors resolve to face Shikaisen and to never split up again. Runa asks to join the Ronin Warriors as they travel Los Angeles, and despite his misgivings Ryo decides to bring her along with them. They are able to find Shikaise's hideout, but are soon attacked by his minions, who they defeat. Shikaisen lures him into his hideout, but are lead through a trapdoor into his moat. Shikaisen's scientist shock the Warriors with electricity, paralyzing the team. Mia and Ully are able to break his trap, freeing the Ronin Warriors. The team then free Sage as well as the Armor of Halo. Shikaisen then draws the Ronin Warriors into battle, claiming he had mastered all the dark mystical arts of the ancient kingdoms. He is quickly able to capture all five warriors as well as their armors. Shikaisen attempts to attack Ully, but is thrwarted by Runa, who is gravely injured as a result. Mia frees the Ronin Warriors. Runa tells Ryo that she was glad she was able to meet someone as special as him, then dies in his arms. The Ronin Warriors then call upon their armor and battle Shikaisen once again. As Ryo attacks Shikaisen, Shikaisen changes to his true form, claiming that he cannot be defeated by a single attack. All of the Ronin Warrior's attacks are dispelled by the information they acquired by the computer, so they decide to draw upon the Inferno Armor, which the computer is unable to recognize. The Inferno Armor is able to defeat Shikaisen in a single attack. As the Ronin Warriors meet in New York, they pay tribute to Runa by throwing a bouquet of flowers wrapped in her hair bow into the river.

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