Ronin Warriors OVA Legend Of the Inferno Armor Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Mukala of the Sun.
Episode Description:
As Cye and Kento go surfing on their summer vacation during the hottest day, Cye wonders of the armor and if fighting and destruction will define their lives. A large gust of wind soon engulfs the city, causing heavy damage and endangering the citizens. Ully and Rowen go to visit Mia, but White Blaze soon runs to the city and the three follow him. Mia explains that Ryo left in a hurry without explanation, and sent White Blaze to find him. Ryo asks his armor why it brought him to the city, and soon notices a ring around the sun. The ring soon fills the city with wildlife and jungle vegetation, but Ryo notices that it is an illusion. He is soon attacked by an African warrior who fights with speed, agility and power beyond the normal person. White Blaze joins in on the fight, but is unable to cause any damage on the African warrior. Rowen and Sage soon join Ryo, but even with their armor they are unable to defeat him. The African warrior attacks Ryo, who notices that he attacks with the spirit of an animal. Cye and Kento arrive, but the African warrior deflects and reverses several of their attacks. The African warrior then calls upon his own armor - a Black Inferno Armor. As the Black Inferno Armor glows, so too does Ryo's armor, who is then abducted. The others attempt to call upon their own Inferno Armor but is unable to summon it due to Cye's hesitancy. Sage then attempts to retrieve Ryo, but he too is captured.

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