Ronin Warriors OVA Legend Of the Inferno Armor Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Started Running Armor.
Episode Description:
Mukala continues his attack on Ryo and Sage. Naria pleads with them to stop fighting, to which Ryo and Sage abide. They deduce that it is their armors that want to fight rather than themselves. Ryo refuses to fight and is then savagely beaten by Mukala. Sage saves Ryo from a fatal blow and resolves to keep fighting, but he too realizes that they have become pawns in a battle between the two Inferno Armors. He decides to stop fighting as well. Cye, still separated from the group and questioning his will to fight, is found by White Blaze. Kento, Rowen, Mia and Ully travel to Nairobi, Tanzania to find Ryo and Sage. They decide to decipher the conflict between the two armors rather leaving it as a contest of strength. As they attempt to locate the Taulagi village, they are attacked by the tribe. Kento and Ully become separated from Rowen and Mia, but spot Naria and follow her to Ryo and Sage's location. Rowen and Mia discover engravings in a cave, which speaks of The Tree of Life, whose evil light will inspire the people and save them from all that threaten their lives. The Tree of Life forms the entrance to their valley, while all is underneath the Black Inferno Armor. Kento attempts to rescue Ryo and Sage but is intercepted by Mukala. Kento's armor then flashes a darker color as he attempts to battle Mukala, which Ully notices as appearing more evil. Mia reads on the cave walls that if the Black and White Inferno Armors, which were both born in the valley, were to ever meet, that it would release an energy that would be too much for the universe to bear. Rowen's armor unlocks a power within the crystals around them which causes the lightning to strike The Tree of Life. More dark crystals arise, which Mukala uses to don the Black Inferno Armor. Rowen then arrives and tells Kento to stop fighting, telling them that another person's will is manipulating all of them into a dishonest fight. Naria tells Mukala that the armor has been influencing him negatively. Kento and Rowen attempt to attack Mukala, but both notice that it is their armor's will that is forcing them to fight rather than their own. Both then free themselves from their armor, to which Mia notices that there is a split between their armors as well as their own virtues that represent the forces of good. Back in Japan, Cye then retrieves his Armor of Torrent, saying he will wear it again to save his friends, but also to test to see whether his will is stronger than his armor's.

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