Ronin Warriors OVA Legend Of the Inferno Armor Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The More Than Sadness, Seek!.
Episode Description:
Naria, Mia and Ully attempt to find ingredients to make medicine for the ailing Ronin Warriors. Mia again reiterates her belief that it was their armors that forced them to fight, rather than the Ronin Warriors themselves. Cye soon finds the group and uses his virtue to restore Ryo, Sage, Rowen, and Kento back to health. They notice the virtue has disappeared from his armor, noticing it must be removing themselves during this conflict. Naria explains the history of the armor and their tribe: the Black Inferno Armor appeared in the Valley of the Black Crystal, and that the Talaugi were worshiped because of this. The Black Inferno Armor was always worn by their tribe and protected them from outside influence, but one day it showed that it could move on its own power and revealed a darker side. When Mukala discovered there was another Inferno Armor, the Black Inferno Armor ordered that it find and fight it, to which Mukala obeyed. Naria is dismayed that Mukala has become overpowered by the Black Inferno Armor. Black Blaze soon separates himself from White Blaze, which then separates Cye from the Armor of Torrent, which moves on its own accord. The Ronin Warriors then decide to destroy both Inferno Armors, saying that the armors without virtue become sinister forces. Naria pleads with Mukala to end the conflict, but to no avail. White Blaze is soon attacked by the tribe, which then capture Mia, Ully and Naria. Black Blaze gives the Armor of Torrent to Mukala, who summons the other armors to create the Inferno Armor. The Ronin Warriors soon find Mukala, and though he attacks them, they state that they do not wish to fight them but rather want to confront the Inferno Armor. The two Inferno Armors manipulate the sun and moon, which creates an lunar eclipse that darkens the land. The Ronin Warriors see visions of the end of the world that would result from the two armors' lust for battle. They resolve to let their virtues win, and summon their own armor to battle The Inferno Armor, which is now acting on its own will. Despite being initially unable to cause any damage, the five decide to fight with their spirits as one, attacking The Inferno Armor with the power of their virtues. This defeats the evil spirit residing within, and Ryo is able to don The Inferno Armor once again. Ryo then commences battle with Mukala, who has donned the Black Inferno armor. Ryo again pleads with Mukala to end the battle, saying that an armor that has abandoned its spirit can only bring death. While the two continue to fight, their attacks bring shockwaves onto the landscape; Naria and White Blaze are soon caught in the crossfire and are dealt fatal blows. Mukala, mortified, surveys the damage; the Ronin Warriors use the opportunity attack him with their virtues to let him see the true nature of the human spirit. The attack succeeds. The eclipse soon clears, and the armors then disappear, but not before reviving Naria and White Blaze. Mukala then approaches Naria and warmly calls her by her name, as Ryo, Rowen, Cye, Kento, Sage, Mia and Ully look on.

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