Rurouni Kenshin (2023) Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
And Then, Another
Episode Description:
With his superior skill, Kenshin easily bests Sanosuke, but his anger towards the Ishin Shishi for killing his captain Sagara Sōzō from the Sekihōtai during the revolution pushes him to keep fighting. Kihee takes advantage and tries to shoot Kenshin but he blocks the bullet with his tsuba. His brother then attempts to take Kaoru and Yahiko but Sanosuke stops him with his zanbatō. He and Kenshin engage in another clash in which his sakabatō slices his zanbatō, leaving Kenshin victorious. Sanosuke refuses to give up until he realizes that Kenshin is not like the Ishin Shishi he hates due to his values in regard to the actual revolution. The next day, a wounded but recovering Sanosuke beats up drunken people in the Akabeko and befriends Kenshin, thanking him for testing his values.

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