Rurouni Kenshin (2023) Episode 6 English Dubbed


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The deaths of several politicians at the hands of a single swordsman forces the police to request Kenshin and Sanosuke's aid as bodyguards for the next likely target. During the night, Kenshin suspects the swordsman might be an old rival based on the supernatural technique he used. At midnight, the killer, former Shinsengumi and hitokiri Jin-e, appears and begins killing the man's bodyguards. He easily paralyzes Sanosuke and the rest with his chi, but Kenshin resists. Attracted by his ability, Jin-e escapes, having decided to target him alone. Despite Kenshin's pleas to fight him alone, Kaoru confronts Kenshin, making him promise not to leave the town until he returns her bow. However, Jin-e kidnaps her, enraging Kenshin.

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