Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Girl's Wish.
Episode Description:
Lux and Krulcifer become trapped by rubble. Krulcifer explains she was found as a baby by the Earl of the Ymir Theocracy who thought she might be valuable. Krulcifer worked hard to become a Drag-Knight,making her adopted siblings jealous. She came to the ruins to prove she was human, but now accepts she is not. Lux reveals he, his mother and sister were banished from the royal family and when Lux's mother was injured the citizens who suffered under the Empire let her die. Lisha appears and free them. Lux hides the truth about Krulcifer, claiming the Horn Whistle is not a key to the lower levels. Krulcifer has Airi drug Lux and attends the duel in his place. Krulcifer loses her future seeing ability and is defeated. Kreutzer admits he knows Krulcifer is a citizen of the ruins and plans on using her to access and use the advanced technology to destroy the Ragnaroks, reasoning that sacrificing Krulcifer is a small price to pay. Lux attacks Kreutzer, revealing his Black Hero form to Krulcifer. When Kreutzer uses Krulcifer's future seeing ability Lux realizes Kreutzer's ability allows him to steal the abilities of others. Kreutzer attempts to shoot Krulcifer as a plot to steal Lux' super speed but on seeing Krulcifer cry Lux states it is his duty to protect his 'girlfriend' and activates a secret ability he designed himself, Recoil Burst, that focuses all his energy into a single attack, defeating Kreutzer. Afterwards, Lux is told that by defeating her previous fiancé he is Krulcifer's new fiancé. Krulcifer admits Lux managed to impress her and kisses him twice in front of a furious Lisha.

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