Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Episode 6 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Homecoming of the Strongest.
Episode Description:
Lux is asked to investigate rumors about a suspicious person lurking around the campus. To this end Lux is forced to cross-dress to avoid suspicion. During his rounds, he sees a girl talking to a cat just as he is assaulted by the suspicious prowler. He is saved by the girl who introduces herself as Celestia "Celes" Ralgris, a daughter of a high ranking noble, strongest third year student of the academy and a known man hater. Lux claims he is a girl called Luno. Kreutzer is murdered in prison by his hooded partner. Later, Lux, as himself, meets Celes, who insists he leave the academy. However, the knowledge of Ragnarok's revival makes Lux oppose her as he believes she cannot defeat it on her own. Relie arranges a formal match in which if Lux wins, he may stay but must leave if Celes wins. The next day, the members of the Chivalric Order, led by Celes, travels to Ries island for a training camp where Lux notices a large building at the top of a mountain. Later that night, Lux is called for a massage request only to learn that the client is Celes and he quickly cross-dresses into Luno before he is seen. Celes invites him to tour the town the next day where she goes shopping for a swimsuit. While resting in the shade outside town, Celes reveals that she, in fact, does not hate men, it was just a misunderstanding that has never been resolved.

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