Temple Episode 11 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Body Doesn't Lie
Episode Description:
Kiki decides to repair their idol, though it will cost ¥500,000. Akemitsu begins looking for part-time jobs. As he no longer owns a phone for employers to contact him he must borrow Yuzuki’s but almost faints when he sees her in a maid costume. Yuzuki plans to work several jobs, including café maid, so Akemitsu will not need to work. Akemitsu protests she cannot train and work multiple jobs without exhausting herself, so she challenges him; if he wants her phone he must somehow force her to sleep, starting with relaxing massage. While resisting his lust Akemitsu turns out to be an excellent masseuse. Tsukuyo overhears Yuzuki’s moans and barges in to stop them. Yuzuki still refuses to surrender her phone so Akemitsu angrily asks Tsukuyo out without explanation. That night Tsukuyo has dreams of marrying Akemitsu but is disappointed their “date” is just a trip to buy a new phone as he can buy it cheaper on a husband/wife payment plan. Tired of their constant misunderstandings Tsukuyo almost confesses but settles for asking for his new phone number. She misunderstands again when he reveals he got the phone for a secret reason, leading to another dream of Akemitsu taking her virginity, finding it boring and dumping her for another woman.

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