Temple Episode 10 English Subbed


Episode Title:
I Just Got A Little Turned On
Episode Description:
Following the kick to the groin Akemitsu develops a Kagura-phobia so Mia decides to make them friends by locking them in the shed for 24 hours. Kagura determines Akemitsu is too nice to ruin her friendship with Mia by revealing her secrets. After escaping the shed by kicking the door down she decides to focus on having Akemitsu sleep with Mia, solving all her current problems. Tsukuyo has a sex dream about Akemitsu but Kagura deters her by showing her a video of Mia and Akemitsu, convincing Tsukuyo they are dating. Mia cluelessly confirms she is attracted to Akemitsu, making him her ideal training partner for resisting lewdness, leaving Tsukuyo jealous and angry at Akemitsu. Kurage ends up revealing the video was just Mia and Akemitsu playing twister. The temple runs out of rice and are forced to ask for tribute; a form of voluntary rent paid by people living on temple owned land, but no one donates them anything except for one woman who happily donates enough rice for weeks. She remembers how everyone used to offer regular tribute because they respected Yuzuki’s mother Tsukina, but after she left the practice was neglected. Akemitsu is curious why Tsukina chose to leave.

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