Temple Episode 9 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Pounding Mochi is Dirty
Episode Description:
It is almost New Year so the temple prepares Mochi; Akemitsu and Mia struggle when Kurage points out the lewd symbolism of pounding Mochi. Akemitsu is shocked when Kagura has Mia perform bunny girl penance. Mia almost faints from lewdness. Yuzuki is ready to punish Akemitsu until she realises bunny penance is not a real thing. Kiki asks Akemitsu once Yuzuki becomes Head Priest, will he become a priest himself, or leave. Everyone visits the Shinto shrine for New Year where Akemitsu decides to compliment every girl on their Yukata. When he gets to Yuzuki he gets so flustered he accidentally asks her for sex. Kagura has flashbacks showing Mia’s mother demanding Mia have sex with a man every three days or she will be returned home. Kagura has been faking the photographs but Akemitsu is a problem as Mia is in love with him, and love is taboo to the Christoph’s. Akemitsu rejects Kagura’s money, preferring to help Yuzuki himself. Kagura is infuriated; Mia loves Akemitsu but Akemitsu loves Yuzuki, and if Mia’s heart is broken she may never have sex with anyone. She yells at Akemitsu but realises she actually cares more about Mia than she thought. She recovers after kicking Akemitsu in the groin but soon feels guilty she could easily save the shrine and is lying to everyone.

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