TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
What colour is your underwear?
Episode Description:
Kikki announces they must be pure at all times, starting with white underwear. Since Akemitsu, Yuzuki and Mia don’t own white underwear she demands they wear no underwear at all. This is unbearably lewd, so they all buy new white underwear immediately. Kikki next announces they must share a bedroom. Kikki remembers Kijo warning her about a secret meeting of Sect Leaders at the temple at the 3 month deadline. After forcing them to share a sauna Kikki claims the training is to expose them to the opposite sex so they eventually become immune to lewd thoughts and closer to enlightenment. Akemitsu and Mia end up confessing their lewd thoughts as a training exercise, but Yuzuki continues to hide her lust for Akemitsu and jealousy of his friendship with Mia. Kikki gives them Christmas Eve off, though Akemitsu despises Christmas as his fathers girlfriends would violently fight over him every Christmas. Yuzuki takes him gift shopping as a distraction though quickly realises the shop assistants assume they are on a Christmas date. The other girls discuss the irony of first wanting to get rid of Akemitsu, and now they want him to stay. However, Kagura is shown to secretly view Akemitsu as a nuisance she plans to deal with.

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