TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Seeing A Turtle Is Good Luck
Episode Description:
The girls decide to have a Christmas party but the gift exchange turns lewd when the randomised gifts include a marriage license, nude photographs and a vibrator. Kagura buys everyone hot spring tickets. Akemitsu and Yuzuki reveal they coincidentally bought each other personal gifts, prayer beads. Kikki interrupts with bad news; Sect Leaders are to inspect the temple and may decline Yuzuki’s promotion if the temple is in a poor state. Yuzuki panics since their temple idol is held together with duct tape. Trying not to think about it everyone visits the hot springs, unaware it includes mixed bathing. Kagura also manipulates the staff to drug Akemitsu with sexual stimulants. As the girls bathe Akemitsu is revealed to be trapped nearby, having hidden in a panic after discovering the mixed bathing and now with a drug induced erection. Kagura exposes him as a peeping tom but is frustrated when everyone quickly forgives him, mostly due to their fascination with his erection. Kagura confronts Akemitsu privately, revealing he is interfering with her lifelong goal to turn Mia into the Erotic Queen of the Christoph family. Akemitsu realises Kagura has been manipulating Mia for years in her role as a Baldwin, servants to the Christoph’s. Kagura offers enough money to pay his debts and completely repair the temple, but only if he leaves and never returns.

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