The Apothecary Diaries Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Threat
Episode Description:
The Emperor made a direct request for Maomao to take care of Lady Lihua, but repeated attempts to treat her are thwarted by her ladies-in-waiting and kicks her out of her room repeatedly. Jinshi notices Maomao's problem and had to intervene, allowing Maomao to treat Lihua, starting with a special diet which aims to purge her body of the poison caused by the beauty powder her lead lady-in-waiting was secretly using. The lead lady-in-waiting was punished, albeit lightly and is able to return to her position (Maomao took over for that duration); while the eunuch ordered to recover the banned powder got whipped as punishment. Maomao asks Jinshi to build a sauna, as she adds regular steam baths to Lihua's treatment regimen. Lihua fully recovers in two months. When Maomao is set to return back to Lady Gyokuyou, she taught Lihua a technique her brothel sisters taught her to gain back the Emperor's favors, as she has the "assets" to do it. As a result, the Emperor began to less frequently visit Gyokuyou, allowing her to take it easy.

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