The Apothecary Diaries Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Covert Operations
Episode Description:
As Maomao and the court doctor enjoy some grilled matsutake mushrooms, someone comes into the clinic asking for a cure to a "curse." Maomao gives the patient some ointment to heal the rashes on the patient's arms. Jinshi calls her to ask her opinion on a few substances, as he is also on the hunt for what caused the "curse." The day of the garden party is fast approaching, and, this time, all of the Emperor's top-tier consorts will be attending, including Concubines Lihua and Gyokuyou. That also means Maomao has to attend as Gyokuyou's lady-in-waiting. When applying her makeup, which is something she tried to avoid, the other ladies-in-waiting reveals a secret, and Jinshi finds out: her freckles are her makeup, as a camouflage and deterrent against would-be rapists, since she did work around a brothel. He is also able to find more about Maomao's background. Jinshi is so enthralled by her looks that he even gives her one of his hairpins, which made Gyokuyou, who "marked" her earlier with a necklace, a bit jealous as "she is no longer hers alone." The garden party begins, but, unknown to everyone, a sinister force is lurking in the background.

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