Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Best Friend of the Dead
Episode Description:
Shou and other survivors defend Club Shou-Time. Meanwhile, after Akira crosses growing a cool beard off his bucket list, he vows to find his friend Kencho. He then notices his phone has unread notifications. Elsewhere, Kencho is trapped at Club Shou-Time when he receives a call from Akira, who promises to meet him. As he heads to Shinjuku, Akira recalls their friendship prior to the outbreak. Just as the zombies are about to kill Shou, they are distracted when they hear some noise. Once Akira and Kencho reunite, Akira apologizes to Kencho for being jealous of him before zombies chase them onto the roof. After Akira successfully jumps onto the roof of another building, he tells Kencho to do the same. Kencho refuses and reveals to Akira he hated his job as a real estate agent and what he really wants to do is be a stand-up comedian. With Akira's encouragement, Kencho makes it while he takes off his clothes. Later that night, Akira and Kencho have a conversation while they are naked.

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