Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Flight Attendant of the Dead
Episode Description:
Akira and Kencho decide to go to the department store to get a flat-screen TV as Akira had it on his bucket list. When they arrive there, they discover they are not alone as they meet an old man and three flight attendants named Yukari, Maki, and Reika. They end up wining and dining with the girls, which was another thing on the bucket list. Akira eventually drinks too much trying to impress the girls, while Kencho and Maki head to the furniture department to have sex. Meanwhile, Reika is attacked by the zombified old man. Yukari later approaches Akira and the two ultimately have a conversation about their dream jobs. When Kencho investigates the commotion, Maki is killed by a zombified Reika, while Kencho himself is forced to smash Reika's head. As Yukari is about to say something to Akira, she is attacked and bitten by the old man. Despite Akira's pleas, she willingly sacrifices herself when the old man attacks them again. Akira and Kencho manage to escape with a flat-screen TV. When they get back to their base, Akira adds his desire to recall his childhood dream to his bucket list.

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