Ronin Warriors OVA: Message Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Fateful End.
Episode Description:
Rowen runs through the city, wondering if he is being called to fight again. He is unsure who is calling upon them, as he feels his days of fighting should be behind him. A mysterious being known as Suzunagi soon covers the city with light beams, and attacks Rowen. Rowen is able to deflect her attacks, confirming Suzunagi's suspicions that though they are no longer Ronin Warriors, they still have enhanced abilities. She tells Rowen that they will continue to be Ronin Warriors until they die, that she feels sorry for them and that they should curse the Ancient One for giving them their armors in the first place. A flashback shows the origins of the Armor of Strata: The Ancient One uncovers a box containing it, being relieved that it has not found its true master. He says that due to the impending evil that it is time to be called upon again. As he unlocks the Armor of Strata, he is met by a young Suzunagi, imploring him not to release the armor as it would ignite the fires of war. The Ancient One notices the girl is filled with bitterness of the past, and commands the Armor of Strata to release her from her anger. The young Suzunagi is able to evade the attack. In the present day, Rowen tells Suzunagi to relieve her hatred against the armors, and resolves to find the source behind her anger in order to put her at peace. Rowen uncovers Suzunagi's drawings of the armors, but notices that they are of different designs. He is then given a vision of Suzunagi proclaiming a hatred of the armors, as well as an attempt destroy them. Suzunagi tells Rowen that the sadness she felt as a child has evolved into hatred, and orders Rowen to kill her. Rowen refuses to harm her until he discovers why she hates the armors. Suzunagi then states that Rowen will be judged, and summons the Armor of Strata on Rowen's behalf. The episode ends with Rowen sitting in a new Armor of Strata, but he is immobile.

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